Acronyms Database

A compilation of over 40,000 acronyms in three different formats, a sql file, a comma separated file, and an excel file (in the zip).

  1. Number of Entries: 40,213
  2. Fields: Acronym, Definition, Category
  3. Formats: .sql, .csv, .xls
  4. Notes: Updated periodically. No resale rights.
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You can use this database to build your own website of acronyms easily by creating a script that imports and shows these acronyms. If you want us to create this script for you you can contact us for a quote. The three files (acronyms.sql, acronyms.csv, and acronyms.xls) are compressed into one archive file. Simply unzip the downloaded file using winzip, winrar, or 7zip (which is free) or using your Windows or Mac unarchiving program.

Price: $3.99

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