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All databases are offered at the prices below with general usage right. If you are interested in Resale Rights or Master Resale Rights, please contact us for availability and pricing.

  • Database of Acronyms: $ 10.99
    1. Number of Entries: 40,213
    2. Fields: Acronym, Definition, Category
    3. Formats: .sql, .csv, .xls
    4. Notes: Updated periodically. No resale rights.
  • More Databases
    You can also purchase these excellent databases from our associates directly.

    1. Generic Pharmaceutical Drugs:
      Price: $25.00
      This is a huge custom database of Generic Pharmaceuticals. Each entry has a complete description of the generic drug, its usage indications, and its possible side effects.
      Over 3,011 records!
    2. Vitamins and Minerals:
      Price: $25.00
      This is a complete database of vitamins and minerals. This database contains the following fields:
      Name, Introduction, sources, treatment for, symptoms of deficiency, dosage, and side effects
      Over 402 records!
    3. System Startup Processes:
      Price: $25.00
      This custom compiled database contains system startup filenames, process names, and descriptions. This database is perfect for a website that let’s visitors look up their system processes and helps them find viruses, trojans, and malicious spyware. This is the PERFECT database to use for anti-virus affiliate programs!
      Over 18,000 records!

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