3 New Free Databases (sql) Added to the Download Area!

We have added three new databases to the Free Download area, so go ahead and grab them, and please leave a comment when you download.

They are:

Mixed Quotes – Contains quotes from different people. 2310 records in all.
Famous Birthdays – Contains the birth dates of famous people. 5325 records in all.
Countries – Contains information on different countries. 239 records in all.
More coming soon.


Limited Time Offer – $1.99 Database Package Sale!!

We are having a limited-time database sale!! The following databases are now on sale as a package for $1.99!! Get ALL three in sql format for $1.99 for a limited time only:


  • US Nursing Homes: $ 5.99
    1. Number of Entries: 15, 880
    2. Fields: (18 fields) ProvNum, NursingHomeName, Street, City, State, ZipCode, PhoneNumber, HealthSurveyDate, FireSurveyDate, CertifiedNumberOfBeds, TotalNumberOfResidents, PercOfOccupiedBeds, SprinklerStatus, CategoryDescription, TypeOfOwnership, LocatedWithinAHospital, MultiNursingHomeOwnership, ResidentAndFamilyCouncils
    3. Formats: .sql, .csv, .xls
    4. Notes: Up to date; updated periodically. No resale rights.
  • US Medical Suppliers – $ 6.99
    1. Number of Entries: 257,348 records
    2. Fields: SupplierName, AddressLine1, AddressLine2, City, State, Zip, Telephone, CategoryDescription, MedicareParticipant (True/False)
    3. Formats: .sql, .csv, .xls
    4. Notes: Up to date; updated periodically. No resale rights.
  • Medicare Coverage Details: $3.99
    1. Number of Entries: 149
    2. Fields: CoverageTopic, Coverage, CoPayment, MedicarePart, OrgName, ImportantNote
    3. Formats: .sql, .csv, .xls
    4. Notes: Good textual content. No resale rights.
  • To claim your package, contact us using our contact form to get payment and delivery details.

    HURRY!! This deal may not last for long! Remember these databases come with no resale rights. If you would like resale rights, please contact us and we will give you the discounted package price!

    Free Databases Now Live – sql and csv formats

    The free databases in our free downloads page are now live!! You no longer need to email us for the databases but can now download them directly from the free downloads page. The downloads are zip format files with a .sql and .csv version of the file.

    Feel free to download and use, and please leave a comment just to say thanks and to let us know what you think of the website.


    Acronyms Database – over 40,000 entries!

    The Acronyms Database now has 40,213 entries and is still growing! The entries are from different categories and disciplines, including military, chemistry, organizations, atmospheric, etc.

    You can check out our product page for more details on how to purchase our databases. Full details on the databases, including record count and available formats are listed on the Database page.

    More coming soon! You can subscribe to the myDataMaster RSS feed to keep informed on when we have new products, free downloads, or updates to our products.