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This page contains databases and tools that you can have for free. This page is updated with new free downloads frequently, so keep checking in. Please leave a comment after your download!


Database Description Download
Education/College Articles Contains over 400 entries .sql
Database of “Today in History” Facts Contains over 6000 entries .sql
US Medical Suppliers 257,348 records of US Medical Suppliers .sql and csv
Articles on various topics Contains 390MB worth of articles, over 50,000 articles in total on mixed subjects .sql
World Cities and Languages Contains three tables with cities, countries and languages spoken .sql
Mixed Quotes Contains quotes from different people. 2310 records in all. .sql
Famous Birthdays Contains the birth dates of famous people. 5325 records in all. .sql
Countries Contains information on different countries. 239 records in all. .sql
US Embassies Database of all US Embassies and Consulates with Country, City, url. .sql and .csv
US State and Territory Abbreviations Abbreviations of US States and Territories as designated by USPS. .sql and .csv
US Street Suffixes and Abbreviations Street suffixes as designated by USPS. .sql and .csv


CSV Splitter

This is a handy little utility that you can use for splitting large csv files into smaller, more manageable ones. You can read more about large csv files and the csv splitter and how to download it. Note: The creator of this utility has been generous enough to share it with everyone on condition that you don’t offer it for download anywhere else except by pointing to the file on his site.

74 thoughts on “Free Downloads

  1. You’re welcome. Enjoy the files. I will be adding more regularly so keep checking in.


  2. This site is awsome. The free downloads are great and really come in handy for many different projects. I am going to be buying a couple of databases too! Thank again!

  3. yebo,
    I’ve been completely tied up working on other projects (trying to make some money – lol) but I hope to release some more new databases in the near future!

  4. Is there any way I can use them with wordpress?? can you please add the tutorial how to use a database from your site in word press powered sites?? I dont know coding so it will be useful for people like me!!

    BTW you have done an amazing job with those databases

  5. raks
    You’re welcome, I will think about doing a tutorial soon for WP, right now I’m working on one for how to use these databases with Drupal.


  6. Great site. I’m hoping to implement one or two of the free download sqls into WordPress.. once I figure out how to! 🙂 Thanks.

  7. Thanks I downloaded the Bible website zip gotta check if its ok.

    BTW please note that the text typed in the top input boxes for name, email, etc is not visible as it is in White colour – hope the admin takes note of this. Thanks once again.

  8. Thank you for posting these :-)… Now for the bad news, the countries sql script is not compatible with any version of MS SQL Server for numerous reasons. I had to make many changes to the script to get the data loaded. It would probably be easier if you just provided a delimited text file. Don’t mean to be a complainer, just a heads up.

    Thanks again

  9. Thanks for some great downloads, I wont use any yet but Ill add to my bookmarks for laters.

  10. Hi.

    Can you please please provide the latest version of the world and city database?

    Thanks a zillion.

  11. Great STuff….. this will boost my new site … !: )

    i was searching for Nationalities Db… .sql if u got one..


  12. Your Karma must be super great.
    Thank you for such a great resource freely available.
    Great for designers that need, test data!


  13. Hi Data Master,
    Thanks for compiling these databases.

    It’ll help me generate multiple choice quizzes.
    Kind Regards,

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