Back with Improvements!

After a bit of a hiatus myDatamaster is back in business. We’ve revamped the website, restored broken links, and taken down those that don’t work anymore.

Free Downloads

Because of server issues with one of our previous hosting companies where some of the downloads were stored, the database availability was erratic. But now things are better and hopefully we’ll have less downtime.  You may notice some of the free databases are missing, I am working hard to try and restore them all so be patient with me.

Appearance – Less Clutter

We’ve also cleaned up the blog look and made it less cluttered to improve your browsing experience. We got rid of most of the ads, so we’re depending mostly on sales and donations to keep us going, so if you enjoy our free databases, please drop us a donation so we can keep finding and compiling these free databases for your pleasure, every dollar helps.


I have also made it easier to purchase databases directly from this website without having to contact me. All you need is a paypal account or a credit/debit card and you can purchase directly through the website.  This should make the process more flawless.

I will be adding more free stuff and more products – databases and tools over time so keep an eye out and subscribe to the myDatamaster RSS feed so you don’t miss out!

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