Free website for you – Ready to Upload!

This time we bring you a complete website of the Bible, all the bible text. This is ready for you to download, unzip, and upload to your server, and you’ll have a website ready to go!!

Enjoy, and please do leave a comment after your download.

7 thoughts on “Free website for you – Ready to Upload!

  1. Hi, I’ve heard I can come here and get content for a free website? Ive had a look all over the page but can’t find the download link anywhere, has it been taken down?


  2. Hi again! I didn’t see your message about you looking forward to how I was going to use it. Honestly, I removed the beautiful background as it was a bit heavy. I put a simple color as the background and I uploaded the files and linked them from my online prayer site. So, if people would like to take a read at the bible when they are making an online prayer request, they will have that opportunity!

    Thanks again for the great share! 🙂
    Karen and the rest of the family at
    Joygoround fun site and forum

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